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The continued polarization between historians aligned with the order and the church and other researchers is perhaps most evident in the emerging scholarship on fascism and the Holocaust. On the one side, De Rosa downplayed synergies between the regime and the Jesuits and the church. However, a new less polarized contemporary church historiography, dominated by scholars of Catholic cultural background without strict links to the Vatican, seemed to gain strength during the s and s.

Roberto Sani among others analyzed the influence of the Jesuits on the church and political life in Italy. He argued that the Roman Jesuits had impeded any Christian Democratic rapprochement with the left and attempted to push the party towards the right wing of Italian politics. In the area of education the Jesuits had tried to retain control in society through an alternative schooling system until Vatican II. In Italy in the early s, in the wage of the fall of the Berlin Wall and a major political corruption scandal, the established political parties collapsed.

While before the Christian Democratic Party had been the main channel of influence, Catholic interest was now scattered over a variety of groups and parties.

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Culture and value politics, however, did not lose importance. Old cultural wars over the influence of Catholicism in society continued, but the trenches and battles became less distinct and more sporadic. Similarly, the historiographical landscape continued to diversify. In this regard the period after displays the continuation of tendencies already present in the s and s.

In an increasingly pluralist society, the outcomes of the Second Vatican Council continued to fuel research into the Jesuit order. For instance, scholars began to show interest in Jesuit attitudes to Islam. As before, scholarship on neo-Thomism was fed by such debates. Debates over the role of the Jesuits in Italian unification continued, and, as earlier, the Society was more often than not depicted as a strong opponent of the liberal state. The encyclopedia, directed by Giovanni Gentile, was one of the most prestigious cultural enterprises during fascism. The old trenches, thus, have not entirely disappeared.

While old divisions have remained alive, thus, in the landscape of historiography on Jesuits in Italy, the general picture in the latest decades is one of ever increasing diversification. Many areas, some of which were neglected in the past, have received new attention.

Studies of cultural history have increased—in particular of Jesuit education, literature and libraries. There are still only few studies of social, economic and scientific aspects of the history of the Jesuits in Italy after the restoration. To conclude, the highly polarized historiography on Jesuits in Italy bears the scars of the past. But as far as it is possible to judge within the chaos of contemporary publications, the scars seem to undergo a process of effacement.

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A possible symbol of this is the emergence of collective efforts by lay and Jesuit historians to engage in scientific historical work together. Francesco Saverio a comprotettore di Piacenza.

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