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I wonder if it's really as the way I see the view Looking at my life seems like a highway ride, there's so many different turns, that you can't decide. Trying to lead you to my feelings, i'm trying to describe, but it's too damn dark for you to see inside.

Walking on the Planet, making Music. Forum Bielefeld. Cafe Glocksee. Open Air Hamm.

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Shimon Saadi go to album. Lev go to album. On Bandcamp Radio. Mindfulness certainly helps in situations in which the unexpected guests in our head demand so much attention that we become overwhelmed.

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It enables us to reduce mind wandering and focus better. We can also more effectively manage our triggers. However, as Matt Lippincott and Goleman note, we need more than awareness of our triggers. Without the other competencies of Emotional Intelligence, such as emotional balance and empathy, these guests can overwhelm us. Whether at work or at home, practicing EI in real life is not easy.

Yet without EI, the unexpected guests might overstay their welcome, causing disruption or longer-term harm to the integrity of the house. Mindfulness can encourage awareness and non-judgmental curiosity about the guests and allow us to observe them without falling down a rabbit hole of rumination.

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As studies have shown, suppression or avoidance of emotions and feelings generally result in the opposite of what we want—they eventually surface with even greater fury and demand for attention. The impact is still an impact. Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence offer us the tools to better manage how much we are impacted.

Self-awareness helps us pay attention to the guests inside our heads without being held captive by them. Self-management enables us to not get carried away such that we forget that we are in control of which voices get to stay. Social awareness and relationship management offer us the capacity to navigate challenging dynamics with others.

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