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To get there, Bod and Scarlett have to go through a burial chamber called a mausoleum a building that holds multiple caskets and down a dark passageway. It's a scary and exciting adventure, but by the time Bod and Scarlett make it back up, the graveyard is crawling with cops. When Scarlett tells them what actually happened, it only makes things worse. When Bod is about six years old, Silas goes out of town and he brings in a substitute guardian named Miss Lupescu. Bod is not happy. Miss Lupescu is too strict, and she teaches Bod dumb stuff like how to call for help in any language of the world.

Plus, she makes him eat nasty home-cooked food like beets even though he's used to Silas only feeding him packaged food like chips. Bod really hopes that Silas will come back soon. When he wakes up, there are three ghouls creatures who live to eat the flesh of the dead with him.

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They talk him into going with them through the ghoul gate into Hell. The ghouls take Bod prisoner, but, thanks to Miss Lupescu, Bod knows how to call for help in a language called Night-Gaunt which is, yes, the language of the night-gaunts. Night-gaunts are flying creatures that live in Hell but are on the side of good, not evil. How can Miss Lupescu rescue Bod? Well, it turns out that she's actually a werewolf.

In her werewolf form, she saves Bod from becoming ghoul-meat. After that crazy adventure, Bod learns that Miss Lupescu is called a Hound of God, and she chases down evil people.

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And Bod learns that all of her boring language lessons were totally worth it. When he learns that she was buried without a headstone, he decides he must get her one, no matter what. Does this sound like a bad idea to you? At the store, the pawnbroker, Abanazer Bolger, realized Bod has priceless, ancient treasure on his hands.

Abanazer and Tom argue about whether to use Bod to find more treasure or to sell him to Jack. They're both greedy and really want the brooch for themselves. Luckily, Liza shows up and helps Bod Fade, or become invisible to human eyes. Bod uses human skills to unlock the door, and he and Liza go back to the graveyard. Later, Bod uses paint, a paintbrush, and a huge paperweight to make Liza a beautiful headstone. The Danse Macabre is a dance where the living and the dead dance together and then forget about it the next morning. Not long after, Bod finally learns that his family was murdered, and that the killer is still after him.

Bod wants to find this person and kill him. To prepare himself for revenge, Bod makes Silas sign him up for regular school. So far Bod has been taught by Miss Lupescu and the graveyard ghosts. But Bod has to promise to keep things super low-key and not attract too much attention. Encourages imagination. For more fun, listen to author read it.

This book is SO unique.

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It is the "Jungle Book" only set in a grave yard. I read it with my 9 year old. He's very emotive and a wonderful to listen to. As we read the book we discussed issues that would come up--bravery, moving out on your own when you are grown, why the ghosts had different views of life because of how much customs changed from when the different ghosts were alive , etc. It was fun to have my daughter talk about "what if There is some violence right off. However, it is not described merely you are told that it happens.

So, it is left to the reader's imagination to fill in how bloody or horrible the scene is. Which I prefer, excessive description is unnecessary. GREAT book.

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Parent of a 4, 4, 7, 9, and 11 year old Written by gzegras November 18, Parent of a 4, 9, and 10 year old Written by mockingbird72 October 21, Too dark for young kids While an amazing piece of literature, this book is much darker than the Harry Potter series. The implied violence involvesa large foreboding knife used on a family and a thin black cord used to threaten strangulation on a teen.

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There is some bullying that gets out of control when police are used to intimidate the protagonist. There is a graphic description of a witch that was forcibly drowned and burned. Having said that, the book is amazingly suspenseful, well written, and has positive messages. The main character is very endearing as is the community of ghosts etc that protect and care for him. Parent of a 8 year old Written by tigra March 30, Excellent fantasy Neil Gaiman is one of my favorites, and this book is no exception.

It may be scary for some children, but children love being scared, and unfortunately there is a lack in options for them today. A nice thing is that the book does tell a story, but each chapter can stand on it's own as a short story. Adult Written by pinerivergirl January 4, Close up look at living in a graveyard The only reason I gave it "iffy" was because some children may find it scary.

That said, the content is about a graveyard! My daughter age 9 found it a slow start. I was sorry the story ended.


Adult Written by sb34chick November 21, Other than the initial premis of the movie, the story is well told The Graveyard Book, Newbery Medal winning novel, by Neil Gaiman is a fantastic read! The story begins as if stepping into a movie, fifteen minutes into the show. The reader soon realizes a family has been slain by a mysterious murderer and the only survivor is a baby!

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

This slaying is not described, more "alluded to". Our eighteen-month-old boy escapes to a nearby graveyard and is taken in by kind spirits of the dead. But everyone in the graveyard is not so kind and accepting of Bod. The adventures are endless, yet some readers may be turned off by hasty endeavors that could have been written with more depth.

Recommended grades Parent of a 3, 5, and 11 year old Written by shemum November 6, A good, heartwarming read. I read this myself first before giving it to my 11yo daughter. We both really enjoyed it. I was slightly unsure in the first chapter as this is quite scary family being killed by a man with a knife and the pictures in the edition I have were quite scary. But as it went on it turned into a great story about how a boy turned into a good adult and was able to make the right choices, despite a clearly unusual and difficult upbringing.

It was also a nice fast and easy read. Parent of a 4, 11, and 14 year old Written by LeMoon October 26, Chilling and captivating and wonderful! The beginning is chilling but its part of what makes the book so powerful. To access the blueprint for Merchandise Categories, the player needs to find the Architect's key, which is hidden in a wall rune within the underground section of the Graveyard.

The switch that opens the door that leads to Parting Gift is found just above the blueprint for Merchandise Categories in a hidden ceiling. The door and the blueprint itself are just outside the Architect's Key door, in another hidden ceiling. In the table below, you will find which enemies are present in the Graveyard depending on difficulty level. For each enemy, any common, uncommon, rare or legendary blueprints they carry are indicated. When applicable, the minimum difficulty level for blueprint acquisition is specified in brackets. A Grimoire can be found on the surface of the Graveyard, within a structure which seems to have been used by the Alchemist in his research.

A pile of burned bodies has been left below the research desk, which the Alchemist seems to have used for their skins. However, he notes that these samples have become useless and decides to switch to taking tooth samples for his next experiments to understand the origin of the Malaise. A number of tombstones scattered around the Graveyard bear inscriptions, showing the tragedy of death that happened on the island.

A tombstone left by a man for his wife has been re-used for his daughter, his son and even his cat, retracing the death of all his family due to the Malaise. Another man left a bouquet of flowers on his wife's grave, and a letter showing his desperation and implying he commited suicide to "join her". A blocked passageway full of crystals in the underground section of the Graveyard [4] indicates that there used to be other connections to the Cavern, seemingly dug by the miners but that later collapsed or were intentionally condemned.

Portal leading to the Cavern with the Cavern Key incrusted and the door open.

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